Mumfurious Movement

Move, Dance, Live - Without Limitations.



Mobility and Movement


Fundamentally, life is most beautiful when you have the ability to move freely.  

Jeff Mumford's clients come to him with restrictions, frustrations and sometimes pain due to lack of mobility.

Mumfurious Movement Coaching can unlock your dance and daily movement.  

My life has improved tremendously since that first lesson.
— Tara M.



For Individuals

Mumfurious Movement is a six level process bringing individuals from a low level of joint and muscular health up through level six.

Clients experience life-changing results including the ability to:

  • Decrease Mobility Limitations

  • Improve Joint and Muscular Health

  • Increase Dance and Movement Capability

  • Understand Sources for Pain and Issues

For Events

Mumfurious Movement is a completely different learning experience for any kind of event.  Dance event attendees, functional fitness groups and corporate groups can all benefit from an intensive session on improving mobility.  

Workshop results include:

  • Understanding of the Relationship Between Mobility and Dance Techniques

  • Working Knowledge of Mobility Concepts

  • Practical Application of Mobility Exercise

  • Ability to Self-Diagnose and Address Mobility Limitations

  • Understanding of Sources of Pain and Issues


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